DIY etching tank

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 Posted in Projects

Ive decided to build a proper etching tank to make things more automatic since i got tired of putting my boards in a bowl and shake them, quite boring.

So i started by going to a local acrylic shop and gave them measurements for 4 walls and a bottom, 2 iqual side walls, 2 main walls and the bottom, unfortunatly i forgot to take some pictures of the disassembled tank, here it is a photo after ive glued and test it with water to make sure it was 100% sealed, it actually took me a few more glueing here and there to fix leaks.

Ive decided on a small dimensions tank since most of my boards are small. Next i needed a hole to insert the heating element that i bought on a local fish shop.

And a holder for the heating element made of plastic wich i glued to the bottom :

I also placed on the bottom a bubble distributor and used epoxy to glue and seal the heating element :

And thats the final result :

And for now until i decide to make another bigger one this is a practical funcioning one, im still working on some kind of clamp to hold the boards inside the solution, ideas are welcome.

This tank works by first, puting the solution inside composed of water mixed with natriumpersulfat, after that you wait 30 minutes for the water to heat up, im thinking on getting a better quicker and more heat element, then youll put the board inside and turn on the bubbles that will etch the board faster.

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A picture while working :

There is also a lot more more pictures of the entire process on the Gallery section.