Proto I/Os Rev B

Tuesday, 03 November 2015 Posted in Prototyping, Projects

New revision for my Proto I/Os board. New and improved silkscreen and a new pcb manufacturer, DirtyPcbs, small review here.

In this revision i didn't add any new component or changed any electric connection, so basically the schematic is the same has in the previous revision.

You can also find the eagle files in the Proto I/Os Rev. B download section, here is the schematic and PCB.

Im going to skip the placing and components since its exactly the same has in the previous revision.

The improvements and/or addings.

I have improved the sikscreen, now is way more simple to make connections to the board, so each input pin of the board is marked. Has you can see here on the bare PCB.

I also added a diferent header this time, its a female header with bigger pins, this way in one build we can use it in a breadboard on the table with wire to the header or even both.