• Proto I/Os for development and breadboards

    A board for prototyping and learning, adding more capabilities and fast reliable connections on development boards and breadboards.

    Proto I/Os

  • Arduino shield for prototyping

    An arduino shield with 8 LEDs four buttons a buzzer and a 1 Wire protocol temperature sensor

    Arduino shield for prototyping

  • UP/DOWN digital counter with memory

    A digital counter to count items or whatever you want, using a PIC and its internal eeprom so it will always remember the last number even when the power is taken out.

    Digital counter

  • Building my first etching tank

    How to build an etching tank, or at least one of the ways.

    Etching tank

Rescue AVR with HV rescue arduino shield.

Saturday, 11 October 2014 Posted in News

After locking myself "out" of the atmega328p by writing the wrong fuses thru SPI programming, i decided to give a try on the Arduino-based AVR High Voltage Programmer, it was a good bet in the end.
Check it out HERE