• Proto I/Os for development and breadboards

    A board for prototyping and learning, adding more capabilities and fast reliable connections on development boards and breadboards.

    Proto I/Os

  • Arduino shield for prototyping

    An arduino shield with 8 LEDs four buttons a buzzer and a 1 Wire protocol temperature sensor

    Arduino shield for prototyping

  • UP/DOWN digital counter with memory

    A digital counter to count items or whatever you want, using a PIC and its internal eeprom so it will always remember the last number even when the power is taken out.

    Digital counter

  • Building my first etching tank

    How to build an etching tank, or at least one of the ways.

    Etching tank

IRC server + SSL + Services , how to build your own.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 Posted in News

How to build your own IRC server with services like, nickserv, chanserv etc, and a secure encrypted connection with SSL, you can build a secure chating environment away from unwanted eyes and smart ass agencies. Check it out HERE