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    A board for prototyping and learning, adding more capabilities and fast reliable connections on development boards and breadboards.

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  • Arduino shield for prototyping

    An arduino shield with 8 LEDs four buttons a buzzer and a 1 Wire protocol temperature sensor

    Arduino shield for prototyping

  • UP/DOWN digital counter with memory

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Business card PCB, Seedstudio review.

Thursday, 30 March 2017 Posted in News

Just got my PCB for my business card project from Seeedstudio

Check HERE

This is just a small review for the PCB. And here is the board back and front.

First of all i can see there is no mistakes in silk screen, copper or solder mask, mistakes being anything diferent, more or less then what i designed, its a good professionally finished PCB.
I had this board designed at Seeedstudio, the price is among the normal for hobbyist board houses, and they are also lauching an assembly service so they are getting a bit more advanced for your average hobbyist board house.
The only downside, it took a little more then 2 months, for the cheapest postal service.
In addition to prototype pcb service, Seeed Studio Fusion also offer prototype pcb assembly, pcb stencil and pcb layout service.