PIC-18 Break-out with ICSP

Sunday, 20 July 2014 Posted in Blog

I needed to make a small test on some old chips i had, so i came up with a quick hour and half, break-out board for most PICs DIP-18 sockets. I also included an ICSP header.

I have been using this mostly to PIC16F88 and PIC16F628a, and it should be compatible with most 18 pins 16f family of microchip PIC microcontrollers. I also recently found this website about circuit schematics, schematics.com.
That was actually one of the reasons i decided to make this post to give it a try, so i created an acount and quickly did the schematic to this simple circuit. Unfortunatly the main fixture that got my attention was the abilitty to embed on a widget the circuit, which is not working at all you don't even have that option so that sucks for schematics.com, be aware of it.
Here's the link thought, http://schematics.com/project/pic-18-break-out-icsp-13559/

As you can see next i have this habit of using resistors legs to make connections.

I built this break-out with an ICSP header and also 3 jumpers, on pin 1(VPP), 4(PGD) and 5(PGC), this way after programming you can isolate the pins when the chip is running.

Here is a picture with pickit3 connected.

And here is the final aspect.

And a small video, running the so popular Hello world with a LED.