DIY Breadboard jumper wire

Saturday, 09 November 2013 Posted in Blog

Lets make make some wires to connect our breadboard from material we usually throw away.

I make my breadboard wiring from thru-hole components legs that i usually throw away, i actually go as far as asking my friends and in some electronic factorys for the legs of the resistors or other components thrown away. Like in the picture :

Above in the image, is a reel of I dont even know what, I just got it like that.

You can also do like that :


Next Ill get some piece of wire and solder the legs to it in both ends :

I will obtain the following :

The next step is opcional and its just nicer to the eye, but i do use heat shrink tube like this :

The final result :


Thats it, proceed to have fun with your breadboard now.