Business card PCB, Seedstudio review

Thursday, 30 March 2017 Posted in Blog

Just got my PCB for my business card project from Seeedstudio

This is just a small review for the PCB. And here is the board back and front.

First of all i can see there is no mistakes in silk screen, copper or solder mask, mistakes being anything diferent, more or less then what i designed, its a good professionally finished PCB.
I had this board designed at Seeedstudio, the price is among the normal for hobbyist board houses, and they are also lauching an assembly service so they are getting a bit more advanced for your average hobbyist board house.
This service is starting to emerge has one of the next best service for the hobbyist community and DIYers around, but don't get my word for it and try it yourself, experiences often diverge.
The only downside, it took a little more then 2 months, for the cheapest postal service, that is to europe.

In addition to prototype pcb service, Seeed Studio Fusion also offer prototype pcb assembly, pcb stencil and pcb layout service.